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6.(1) The Registrar shall be a whole-time salaried officer in the grade of Rs. 200-10-300 and he shall receive such allowances as may be admissible to a Government servant of similar scale under Delhi Administration.

Provided that the Board may, with the previous approval of the State Government, appoint any person as part-time Registrar, and the persons so appointed may be paid such remuneration as the State Government may determine.

(2) The appointed of the Registrar shall be on probation for one year, after which he will be confirmed by the Board with the previous approval of the State Government, if the Board is satisfied as to his efficiency and general conduct. The probationary period may, however , be further extended by one year, if considered necessary by the board.

(3) The general civil services (conduct) rules and the central civil services (classification ,control and appeal )rules shall mutatismutandis apply to the registrar.

7. The registrar shall fulfill all the duties that may be required of him by the Act and the rules the regulations for the time being of the board .

8. The registrar shall be present at every meeting of the board and shall record minutes of the proceeding at such meeting .

9. The registrar shall conduct and have charge of the correspondence of the board and shall issue all requisite notices in the manner laid down in these rules .

10.Except on public holidays the office of the registrar shall remain open during the office hours observed by Delhi Administration. The Registrar shall not absent himself from duty without the permission of the Chairman.

11. The Registrar shall be incharge of the Board’s office and shall exercise powers of supervision, direction and control.
11-A. For the purpose of sub section (2) of section 44, the Registrar is empowered to lodge complaints in respect of offences under this Act.