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12. The Register to be maintained under section 22 of the Act shall be in Form ‘A’ .The register shall contain the name of practitioners be in alphabetical order.

13. Each page of the register shall be verified by the Registrar’s Signature.


(1) Every practitioner whose name has been entered in the register shall be entitled to receive from registrar his certificate of Registration in from ‘B’.

(2)In the event of a certification issued under sub-rule (1) being lost or destroyed ,a duplicate copy of such certification may be supplied on payment of the fee of Rs. 25/- only


(1) Every person entitled to be registered under section 24 and desiring to have himself registered shall apply to the registrar in form ‘C’ available on the payment of Rs. 5/- only duly filled in and signed by him. Every such application shall be accompanied by a fee of Rs. 100/-.

(2) The certificate for the purpose of para 3 of the schedule appended to the Act shall be in the following form and shall be signed by a member of the board, a member of Parliament ,a member of the New Delhi Muncipal Committe , a Councillor of the Delhi Muncipal corporation, a member of the Cantonment Board, the District Magistrate any Stipendiary Magistrate or any Gazetted Officer.

“This is to certify that Shri/Shrimati/Kumari,



son/wife/daughter of


has been practicing as a homoeopath since

and is a fit person for being registered as a homoeopath.”




3) The Register on beining satified that the applicant is enttitled to be regitered under the Act shall cause his name to be entered in the register.


1) An applicant for registration of additional qualification shall be made in Form”D” and shall be accompanied by a fee of Rs. 10/-

2) On making alteration in the entries as respects any additional qualification ,the register shall grant practioner a certificate in form “E”.

3) A fee of Rs. 25/- shall be levied for registering a change of name in the register.

17. Certified copies of entries in the register in form ‘F’ may be issued to any person applying therefor on payment of a fee of Rs. 5/- (rupees five) only.

18. It shall be the duty of every registered practitioner who change his address to intimate the change of address to the register within one month of such change .

19. There shall be made every third year and entered in the register an enumeration of –

(1)the number of practitoners already registered;

(2) the number of practitioners registered during the period in question;

(3) the number of practitioners whose names have been restored to the register during the period in question;

(4) the number of practitioners whose names have been removed from the register during the period in question stating the section fo the Act under which the name have been removed; and

(5) the number of parctitioners whose names have been removed by reason of death during the period in question.

20. The Registrar shall as early as possible, in each year, cause to be printed and published, in the same form as the original Register itself a correct list of all persons whose names appear in the Register on the 31st December Preceding. The Registrar shall keep as interleaved copy of such printed list wherein he shall make, during the year, any entry, alteration erasure that may be necessary.

21. For the purpose of sub-section

(1) of section 25 the retention fee payable shall be Rs. 20/- (Rupees Twenty) only and shall be payable annually. In the absence of necessary renewal within three months, and additional fee of Rs. 10/- (Rupees Ten) only shall be charged. Thereafter his/ her name shall be struck off and shall be reentered on payament of apenalty equal to the amount for fee payable at the time of making such application.